I tried the Disney HIIT HOP Workout, and here’s how it went.

I have been trying to love working out as much as I love ice cream, so I downloaded the Peloton app at the end of April and you know what?! It kind of worked! There hasn’t been anything in the last 5 years to kick me back into a steady workout routine, but this actually did it. The organization of the app, the new work outs daily, the real challenge of them, the encouraging instructors. YOU GOT ME. I tried a HIIT workout in the Peloton app for the first time ever (minus Insanity which was too much for me, so I fell off of it.) The HIIT classes felt like that perfect bowl of porridge for Goldilocks. So you can imagine, when I came across the Disney HIIT HOP workout video by Youtuber That Disney Girl and Fitness streamer EMKFIT, I was thinking ‘this was right up my alley.’

That DIsney Girl – Alessa

I scrubbed through the video a bit to see what I was getting into, and started to get a little worried because I have not one dancing gene in my body and Emily from EMKFIT immediately stated this workout was going to have hip hop choreography. So I knew this was going to be ugly for me but alas, I jumped in. I was here for the music and motivation more than anything. If you have ever run a Disney 5K or any RunDisney event, you know there is nothing more motivating than hearing the Star Wars soundtrack blaring as you run through EPCOT. Freddy and I have loved every Run Disney event we have ever done, including the Star Wars Rival Run 5K that we ran soaking wet after losing our car in the parking lot. You can hear all about that in Episode 002 of our podcast. So when I started this workout video, I was hyped for the Disney tunes, here is the list of songs below:

Warm up – What Dreams Are Made Of (Hilary Duff)

HIIT Circuit 1 – Getcha Head in the Game (High School Musical)

HIIT Circuit 2 – Make a Man Out Of You (Mulan)

HIIT Circuit 3 – Hasta La Vista (Camp Rock)

HIIT Circuit 4 – Zero to Hero (Hercules / Ariana Grande version)

This workout, was a WORKOUT. I was drenched in sweat and it actually challenged me to work on my best boy band music video moves. It also really helped having Alessa work out in the corner so that I could see I wasn’t the only one on the occasional struggle bus. She was improvising moves when falling off pace too, just to keep moving, so I was glad to not be alone in that. The whole thing was worth it to just fake beat drums and throw punches to Make a Man Out of You. The experience was great, fun, and very different than any traditional high intensity cardio workout I have every done. I hope to encourage you to try it too, even if you have never done a HIIT workout before, I feel like this would be a great fun one to start with! I will definitely do it again, and who know, maybe I’ll come out of this moving like Captain EO.

– Rebecca.

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