Black Lives Matter – How to help in Orlando and Nationally

You may be feeling as I have been feeling, a little helpless and unsure of how to help. I have spent the last few days listening and educating myself on how to be involved in standing up for what’s right and supporting the Black community not only in this dire time, but moving forward into the rest of our lives. This isn’t where the education stops, it’s merely a jumping point. No matter the nature of your business, as a human occupant of this planet, you are being called to fight against the injustices that our Black community faces every day. This is not a new issue, this is one that has been rooted in our society and institutions for hundreds of years. While it may feel more comfortable to be disconnected and sit back to let the real activists speak up in the protests, the truth is there is much that you can do on the front lines, with your wallet, and with your voice behind the scenes that can create real change that go beyond posting a black square on #blackouttuesday. You can be that activist in so many different ways, you just have to start with one action and KEEP GOING.

Here are a list of resources and actions you can take that will make a difference:


These emails are already written for you! I did not create these email templates, but I want to share them because you can stand up for 4 people in 1 minute. 4 people who no longer have a voice, you can help in ONE MINUTE. It takes 15 seconds to fill each template out with your name and State, so that the appropriate representative can hear from you about the unlawful deaths of each of these 4 individuals:

These emails are ready to send. Read, fill out, speak up!

15 seconds for Breonna Taylor CLICK FOR EMAIL TEMPLATE

15 seconds for Tony McDadeCLICK FOR EMAIL TEMPLATE

15 seconds for Dion JohnsonCLICK FOR EMAIL TEMPLATE

15 seconds for Regis Korchinski-PaquetCLICK FOR EMAIL TEMPLATE


Specifically by Black creators:

Ealy Morning Tea – by Orlando resident Marcus Ealy

Microaggressive Tea Ealy Morning Tea

Raising awareness about what microaggressions are and exploring coping methods and potential responses for when they are experienced in your world. Looking at the impact of Intersectionality and sharing some ideas for allies in the fight for a more inclusive society. #Microaggressions #Inclusion #Diversity #Communication #Awareness — This episode is sponsored by ยท Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. Microaggressive Tea
  2. Black Tea in America, Volume 3
  3. Trans Visibili-tea: Part I
  4. Art or Obsceni-Tea? Reaction to Lil Nas X & "Montero" video
  5. Royal-Tea Revelations: Reaction to Oprah interview with Harry & Meghan

Black& – by Johnathan Perkins and April Perkins

The Trial of Derek Chauvin black&

Johnathan & April welcome their sister Jubilee to discuss the ongoing trial of Derek Chauvin and its implications on the Black community. The conversation gets very real.
  1. The Trial of Derek Chauvin
  2. True Crime
  3. Organizing in Biden-Harris' America with Ivette (JusticeLA) and Dahlia (WP4BL)
  4. Two Discussions: Reparations + Gen Z activism
  5. Racial Resolutions for 2021

Black Girl Nerds

Snap Judgment – by Glynn Washington

About Race and Diversity:

Pod Save the People by Crooked Media

Code Switch by NPR


This list was compiled by 3 Orlando locals: @thetamiajxo @shantesworld @immarc__

Credit: @thetamiajxo
Credit: thetamiajxo
Credit: @thetamiajxo


Black Lives Matter – Building power to bring justice and freedom to Black people globally

8CantWait – Cities that enact these eight use-of-force policies can reduce police violence by 72%. Look up your city and contact your mayor now.

Campaign Zero – End Police Violence in America

Minnesota Freedom Fund – Provides bail relief to incarcerated protesters

NAACP – Aiding in the advancement of colored people fighting for equality

Reclaim the Block – violence prevention and affordable housing

Obviously a week’s time hasn’t been enough for me to read through and listen to all of the content in each of these resources, but these are what I am going to start with and wanted to share it as soon as I could. My promise is that I will take the time to do so in my lifetime and continue to show up for the Black community in every opportunity that I have and create. I can take time way from listening to my normal True Crime podcasts, and face the true crimes that are happening around us now. There is work that I can do and that you can do to make a difference. Do not feel disheartened, feel motivated.

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